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Our team of experts conduct customized surveys, focus groups in-person and online, and interviews to deliver the strategic insights that our clients count on.

With decades of experience, we know how to read the room and ask the right questions. Our research gives our clients a better understanding of how people think, what people do, what motivates them – and how to change it.

Viewpoints Research is an Accredited Agency and member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), the governing body that sets standards for the research industry in Canada. We comply with the CIRC Canadian Code of Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics and the CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards and Disclosure Requirements. We are also committed to following the CRIC Pledge to Canadians and conduct research in a manner consistent with the ISO 20252:2019 standard.


From online to on-site, phone to mail, you can use surveys and public opinion polls to get measurable and reliable data. With our expertise in survey design and quantitative methods, you can count and compare results across sub-groups, understand how people rank different priorities or choices, and get accurate polling results that you can share with confidence.

Focus Groups

Explore ideas, get reactions, test concepts, find your best message and refine your creative. With our team’s expertise in recruiting the right participants and facilitating the best conversations, you can hear people speak, see how they react, and explore what they say. Qualitative research allows you to test language, gauge your audience’s emotional responses, and gain a deeper understanding of how people feel. Our moderators conduct focus groups online or in-person across Canada. And when the groups wrap up, we deliver unique strategic insights you won’t get anywhere else.


There are times when only one-on-one conversations and in-depth consultations will give you the answers you need. Our team has extensive experience in conducting one-on-one and small group interviews with executive-level leaders, key stakeholders, and community organizations. Interviews are a great way to gain deeper insights and gather feedback on specific topics. Consultations can be conducted in-person, online, or by phone.

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