Research Tool Kit

Surveys and Polling
Used to measure and analyze opinions and perceptions, to determine employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Includes telephone, on-line, on-site, or mail.

Focus Groups
Used to explore ideas and test concepts, products, market positioning and strategies, and advertising creative, as well as to gather opinions and perceptions from target populations including employees and members. Focus groups conducted in-person or on-line when geography makes in-person groups impractical.

Includes recruitment of appropriate participants and expert moderating of the discussions in our Winnipeg focus group facility, at others across Canada and in the U.S., or on-line.

Individual Executive Interviews
Used to generate ideas and gather feedback on specific topics from stakeholders, opinion leaders, and executives.

Includes one-on-one consultations with target populations either in person or by telephone.

On-Site Intercept Interviews
Used to determine market profile, measure customer satisfaction and assess effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Includes surveys with customers, audience members, general public.

Website Testing
Used to test ease of navigation, content completeness and relevance, identify technical glitches to ensure a smooth launch and effective communication.

Includes testing in a focus-group setting or on-line.

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