Our Team

The Viewpoints team has almost 100 years of collective experience under our belts, but you’d never guess that by looking at us.

Leslie Turnbull, Principal

Like Barbara Walters, Leslie Turnbull knows exactly the right question to ask and when to ask it to get the answers our clients need from focus group participants. Leslie freely offers her advice and that’s a good thing, especially for clients making their first foray into the world of opinion or market research. Nobody warms up a focus group crowd like Leslie, who uses her self-deprecating sense of humour to break the ice. Known at Viewpoints as ‘the queen of the road’, she has logged thousands of miles by air, road, and even sea, to lead focus group discussions from Nunavut to Halifax to Victoria. Sometimes, she even puts her 20-plus years of experience to work right here in Winnipeg. Leslie’s experience covers the whole gamut of opinion and market research. Strategic guidance is her forte, especially when it comes to campaigns.

Ginny Devine, Principal

As one of Viewpoints founding partners, Ginny Devine has more than two decades invested in helping our clients tackle their opinion and market research challenges head-on. Ginny is a master at getting to the crux of the matter. She has developed a sixth sense about how people think and why, which translates into insightful analysis of research results. Our clients truly appreciate that. With a background in public policy and government and extensive experience working on projects with various unions and businesses, Ginny is adept at understanding the dynamics unique to many sectors. Her years of experience in developing surveys, moderating focus groups and interpreting the results allow her to solve research problems in inventive, effective and efficient ways.

Elana Schultz, Senior Research Associate

Elana Schultz helps Viewpoints’ clients to understand how their organizations are perceived, where their energies would best be directed, and how to capitalize on their successes. Her education in statistics, combined with more than 15 years experience in the research business, instils confidence in our clients because they have confidence in her research results. Elana’s customer-oriented approach means repeat customers and, in business, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Mark Shank, Operations Manager/Focus Group Facility Coordinator

Fixer. Organizer. Technology trouble-shooter. Manager extraordinaire. Mark Shank proudly wears all those hats and more. When Mark is on the job – especially when it comes to managing our focus group facility – clients can rest assured no detail will be overlooked and no administrative need unmet.

Thanks to Viewpoints' research analysis, our advertising is more effective. That saves us money.

– Maria Della Matia – CEO – NOW Communications

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