We’re excited to share some insights straight from a recent presentation we gave to educators at the Broadbent Progress Summit. We highlighted some of our insights on framing conversations and how to best increase public support for public educations and teachers.

Insight 1: Research Rules
Research is your best friend, whether it’s focus groups or polling. Not only does it save you from advertising mishaps, but it also helps you understand the language your audience speaks. Plus, who doesn’t love a little reality check on our assumptions?

Insight 2: Parents Got Teachers’ Backs
Parents trust teachers more than you think! Especially after the chaos of COVID, parents believe in teachers. Teachers are their go-to source for information about public education, and many think they deserve a raise. So, teachers, next time you’re feeling the parent-teacher conference jitters, remember—you’re more appreciated than you know!

Insight 3: Speak Up!
Parents want teachers to use their voice, and they want them to do it loudly. Whether it’s about classroom challenges or advocating for better learning conditions, they’ve got teachers’ backs. Teachers, don’t hold back — let your voices be heard!

Insight 4: Parents Are Teachers’ Superpower
Here’s the deal: parents are teachers’ secret weapon. When it comes to rallying support for change, numbers speak volumes. Teachers and parents teaming up and working together are a force to be reckoned with.

Insight 5: It’s All About the Kids
How do you connect with parents and the public? You talk about what you have in common: your care for the kids. When you talk about yourselves – you lose your audience. Bring every issue, from the teacher shortage, lack of mental health supports, to large classes – back to how it impacts students.

Insight 6: Navigate Challenges Carefully
Things are tough in schools right now. Because schools are largely underfunded, kids needs aren’t being met and that’s coming out in their behaviour. Make the connection between cuts and the increasingly challenging conditions and increase in violence. Avoid the blame game and focus on solutions.

Insight 7: Relatable Ads Rule
Meet your audience where they’re at- not where you are. If you go too far with political attacks, bargaining jargon or paint extreme situations you risk losing your audience.

Insight 8: Use Plain Language
Use words everyday people understand, because when you keep it simple, you keep ’em engaged. Clarity trumps complexity.

Insight 9: Keep It Political
When talking about bad governments, choose your target carefully. If you get too personal or aggressive – it can turn off the people who voted for the bad guys. Our goal is to win them over – not shame them.

Insight 10: Advertising Works
Finally, advertising works wonders when done right. With a strategic, we;;-thought out paid advertiting campaign, you can move public opinion and build support for your issues.

Our research has helped teachers develop communications and strategies for decades. Get in touch with us to find out how you can use our research to level up your strategy, move public policy and win hearts and minds. We’ll be happy to walk you through how we can make it happen.