Viewpoints Research partnered with the Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU) to conduct a survey of care aide members. We dove into their workplace experiences, and learned that care aides are facing stress, dealing with constant aggression, and are worked off their feet – many are at their breaking point.

Care aides work under challenging conditions

Our survey showed that half of care aides (51%) do not have enough time to do their job properly. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said that they do not have enough time to comfort, reassure, or calm patients. The same amount said that patients are rushed through basic care routines, and they do not get enough attention and stimulation. These time constraints make providing quality care more challenging.

The survey also found that 80% of care aides have been subjected to some form of violence or aggression from a patient, and 62% often end their shifts feeling mentally or physically stressed.

Going live with results

HEU pushed these results into the public realm through their campaign take action page and a media release that was sent out on National Care Aides day – October 18. On top of that, HEU also pushed out the findings through social media here and here.

These detailed survey findings helped HEU quantify the extent of care aides’ concerns about their work environments and were picked up by media, including the Vancouver Sun, CTV News Vancouver, CityNews Vancouver, and Global News.

You can see the tables of results from this survey here.

How research helps

Leveraging these results underscored HEU’s campaign pushing the BC government to restore standard wages, benefits and working conditions by bringing all care workers in the province under one collective agreement. Adding data can make your campaigns go further, draw more support and attention, and get better results for your members.