At Viewpoints, we strive to assist our clients in maximizing the impact of their research. Recently the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) effectively leveraged polling to generate significant media coverage and bring their issues to the forefront. By employing a strategic approach, the STF showed how going public with research results can be an effective strategy to raise awareness, engage stakeholders, and influence public opinion.

Let’s delve into their success.

Collect Valuable Insights:

Earlier this year, Viewpoints conducted a survey in the field of education on behalf of the STF. We focused on public opinions regarding teachers, school conditions, and the performance of the Saskatchewan Party government, led by Premier Scott Moe. The survey aimed to provide the STF with insights to inform their initiatives and advocacy work.

Earning Print:

One of the standout achievements of the STF’s media strategy was securing a powerful print headline in the Regina Leader-Post: “Sask. education system underfunded and stagnating: survey.” Accompanied by a sub-heading that highlighted the lack of trust in Premier Scott Moe and Education Minister Dustin Duncan as reliable sources on public education, the headline effectively captured the essence of the STF’s message. This earned media piece came through selecting and sharing which survey results the STF thought were most relevant for the Leader-Post, not the whole survey.

Television Amplifies:

Building on the momentum gained from print media, the STF continued their media blitz by securing television coverage. A nighttime newscast TV story highlighted the abundance of support for increased public education funding, bolstering the conversation surrounding this critical issue. The report not only featured the STF’s key polling results but also included interviews with school board representatives and compelled the Minister of Education to respond. This province-wide coverage brought the issue to a wider audience and emphasized the timely importance in addressing education funding concerns.

Utilizing Social:

In addition to their success in earned media, the STF capitalized on the power of social media to broadcast their poll results. Through creative use of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, they amplified the reach of their message in creative and visually appealing ways. By using shared media, the STF expanded their influence and ensured their polling data reached a broader spectrum of stakeholders and audiences.


Help Your Strategy:

Going public won’t always align with your strategy. Viewpoints can help you determine whether it aligns with your campaign, issues and research objectives. And if it’s the right fit – we can provide tools and guidance to help get your research findings out into the world and draw more supporters to your cause.