When you understand public opinion, you can change it.

It can be hard to make complex decisions. At Viewpoints, we make it easier for you.

We conduct cutting-edge research, using the most trusted methods, to give clients across Canada a better understanding of public opinion – and what moves it.

If you’re looking to understand and move people, no one is better than Viewpoints. Their strategic insight is invaluable.

Jennifer Howard
Chief Of Staff, Canada’s NDP

Viewpoints focus groups - they get a check from me with spot-on discussion guides (that you don't need to rework!) and fantastic moderation! Viewpoints surveys? Another check, with penetrating questions that connect with people and get to the heart of what moves them!

Robb Gibbs
Former Assistant Deputy Minister
Government Communications and Public Engagement
Government of British Columbia

Working with Viewpoints helps me to understand our audiences, and gives me confidence that our messages and our campaigns will be more effective.

Jean-Guy Bourgeois,
Director, Internal Operations, MGEU

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